What is current status of Global Economy?

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  • Gita Gopinath, Chief economist IMF
    answered 8 months ago in CNBC interview
  • On the one hand you are seeing huge demand for safe assets which is what you typically see before a recession, equity markets are volatile but they are still high. So it’s mixed around the world and consumer confidence, services sectors are still doing fairly well especially in some parts of the world like the US


  • What is current consumption situation
  • Soumya Kanti Ghosh, Group Chief Economic Adviser SBI
    answered 7 months ago in CNBC interview
  • There are a lot of issues regarding the volume growth(in FMCG sector). Yes, there has been some sort of slowdown but I would like to point out 3 things; first is that the FMCG data doesn’t capture the unorganised sector sales, so from that point of view there could bias. Second, the volume growth of 5-6 percent could be a statistical artifact and third is that the consumers are now moving towards healthier options. Therefore, argument of small pack of losing momentum seems to coexist with such an argument

  • What are the headwinds faced by Cummins india
  • Rajiv Batra, CEO Cummins India
    answered 8 months ago in Moneycontrol
    • There are many headwinds, which are impacting the sectors in which we operate. One is liquidity, second is project approvals. We don’t think this will get sorted out at least for a quarter to a quarter and a half.
    • Based on what is happening in the world, economies, especially in the Middle East and Africa, have slowed down, some countries in Africa are struggling on currency