What are the headwinds faced by Cummins india?

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  • Rajiv Batra, CEO Cummins India
    answered 8 months ago in Moneycontrol
    • There are many headwinds, which are impacting the sectors in which we operate. One is liquidity, second is project approvals. We don’t think this will get sorted out at least for a quarter to a quarter and a half.
    • Based on what is happening in the world, economies, especially in the Middle East and Africa, have slowed down, some countries in Africa are struggling on currency


  • What is the future of diesel vehicles
  • C.V. Raman, Senior Executive Director (Engineering) Maruti Suzuki India
    answered 8 months ago in Livemint
  • For Maruti Suzuki in the future, CNG vehicles are likely to make up for the space vacated by small diesel engine cars